What’s in a Name?

Once upon a time there was a woman who didn’t dream of calling herself Queen Genevieve, she didn’t even call herself by her full name Genevieve, no, she was just Genny… and then she embarked on an adventure.

To aid this journey she needed to create a username for a wondrous new invention called a Travel Blog, well at least it was new to her. She sat at a desk that many had sat at before, in a Toronto airport hotel, trying to decide what her username should be.

She keyed in her actual name, which was pretty boring as far as usernames go, but this username thing was new to her and after all it was her name so it would be easy to remember. She would soon discover there were a number of other people in cyberspace who were also content to use their boring name, which happened to be the same as hers’—USERNAME DENIED

She pondered her plight and thought she was quite creative when she keyed in justGenny to only find out that someone else had beat her to it—USERNAME DENIED. Oh, whatever would she do? She glanced around the room (decorated like every airport hotel room is) finding no inspiration. And then she spotted her two suitcases containing everything she now owned, and from one of them hung a luggage tag with a red maple leaf in the center and below that embossed in fake gold letters: Canada.ca—interesting—and she was traveling to Guatemala CA, hmmm, she was on to something here.

Gennyca—USERNAME ACCEPTED! Click here to read some of her adventures as gennyca

With username in-hand the adventure would continue from Guatemala to a small island off the coast of Honduras, called Roatan. No longer a Travel Blog newbie she sat on a wood bench, dreaming of the sofa she used to own, keying in a domain name for her new website. For the next five years she would be known as RoatanVortex. The Roatan Vortex had pulled her in and she (thought) she’d never want to leave… but leave she did!

On a cold December evening (pretty much every evening is cold when you have been living in the tropics) with her much loved cat: Baby, her two suitcases; from one of them hung a luggage tag with a red maple leaf in the center and below that embossed in fake gold letters: Canada.ca, she returned to Canada. She now preferred to be called Genevieve and had decided that a username was no longer needed. But she had found her Castle-in-the-air on a side trip to Spain and although she liked her name well enough—what the heck, who doesn’t want to be the Queen of their castle.

So not long after returning to her hometown, she sat at a desk, with a cushy cushion for a seat, glancing at the sofa she would soon recline on, keying in the domain name for her new website—CastleMuse.com where she would become both Queen and Scribe.

And as for last names, well, she’s had more of those than usernames, but prefers only one—Ross. Queen Genevieve Ross aka CastleScribe aka Gennyca aka just… Genny, welcomes you to her Castle-in-the-air.

So what’s your name? Do you prefer a particular username, and how did you come up with it? Be sure to post a comment and let me know. If you’d rather remain anonymous send me a private message HERE

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Hi Genevieve,

    Have enjoyed what little I have read!

    It is nice to see someone write!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. HI Genny, great to hear from you again and see you are back in paradise.
    Don’t know if you are seeing Carleen these days…say hello and give her a hug from Dave and Verna.

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