Meet Wilson

Now, some of you, especially my American friends, might be thinking: Wilson? Looks like Mitt Romney to me. But, let me assure you although the resemblance is uncanny, this isn’t Mitt Romney, disguised as a Canadian, wearing a dapper hoody (not sure how to spell “hoody”, you know what I mean) and toque taking a break from the campaign trail. Besides, why would Mitt Romney hang out with me? I am neither Republican nor Democrat, actually, since I’m Canadian, I can’t vote in the upcoming election anyhow so doesn’t much matter.

This is Wilson, getting ready to embark on an adventure! His journey begins in a few days; driving from southwestern Ontario to (close to) Vancouver BC. Where he’ll hang out for the next bunch of months! You could call it a winter migration, of sorts. While the temperature may dip below freezing occasionally where he is going, the odds of experiencing snow is slim (unless he heads for the top of a mountain to go skiing—which Wilson isn’t likely to do.) No, Wilson will spend the winter basking in the, compared to southwestern Ontario, no shoveling required conditions. He does appreciate that although snowshoes will not be needed, a kick-butt umbrella and rain-boots will.

Along this trip, approximately 4500 km (2800 mi for my American friends), Wilson will take many pictures of the diverse landscape across the country: the glorious autumn leaves turning from shades of green to crimson and gold, the vast fields of the prairies, the hints of ruggedness of Alberta, and the majesty of the Rockie Mountains. Ya Right! He’ll snap photos of all that, but will probably take more of those things that can’t be found in tour books: goofy signs, silly stuff, the unexpected but make you laugh stuff. He’ll stop to see family and friends and appreciate their hospitality, but more often, Comfort Inns, Super 8’s, and Econo Lodges will be his places of temporary shelter. If Wilson drove straight through (only stopping for potty breaks, food and fuel) he could complete his trek in oh, give or take, 60 hours! He’s not interested in drinking gallons of Tim Horton’s coffee (although he’ll have a few) or caffeine and sugar laced “energy” drinks, to still fall asleep at the wheel while his jittery nerves are pulsing. No, Wilson is more practical than that and he wants to enjoy the trip—appreciate its value as a component of the journey, the adventure.

Besides, Wilson doesn’t have a Canadian driver’s licence and is, kind of—how do I say this without hurting his feels?—lazy. To successfully complete the “road trip” Wilson needs an assistant—who just happens to be me. I’ve begun packing for us (note: leg lamp goes where I go.) And I will be driving; Wilson will be my navigator… Lord, help us!!!

Stay tuned for ongoing updates, photos and videos of Mitt, I mean, Wilson and me trekking across Canada. And Wilson would like to thank all those (you know who you are) who directly or indirectly made this trip possible… without your support he’d still be in pieces at Valu Village!

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14 thoughts on “Meet Wilson

  1. Look at all the upsides, you may get to use an HOV lane, if you’d make him look older you could get a senior discount or two along the way, when you go to a “two can dine for 6.99″ you get all the food, he won’t sing or whistle out of tune, on the downside you might feel after a bit your partner is a dummy just like everybody said.

  2. Congradulations girl, you’ve once again outdone yourself. Wilson is incrediable and what a good looker. What a joy you are, you will be so missed.

  3. We can’t wait to see you and Wilson on Oct 21ish!!! My kids have never met their Aunt Genny and when was the last time I saw you? Was I, 8 years old when you poked me in the eye with a mascara wand!!!!!!????? Please, be safe in your journey, we await your aerial!!!

  4. Hey Genny,
    Hope you & Wilson had a first great drive on your new adventure.
    The plants made it to there new home & are very happy:):) The Hibiscus has 4 flowers this morning.
    Drive safe.

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