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I recently shared a story with Courtney at Be More With Less for her Simplicity in Action series. I wrote with great enthusiasm the benefits I’ve discovered by choosing a less than typical home when I returned to living in Ontario, Canada after spending the last five years on the Island of Roatan, Honduras.

When my story was posted I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with Courtney’s followers when they commented on my idea of home. One of the comments inspired me to post this photo here at CastleMuse. Fiona, was curious to see what the interior looks like:

In keeping with the theme of Simplicity in Action, I’d like to point out that the wall treatment was accomplished by tearing pieces of kraft-paper and applying wallpaper paste on one side (I smeared the glue on with my hands rather than a brush. Great fun, like finger painting when I was a kid.) I then smoothed the pieces on the wall, being sure to overlap. To finish it off, after dry: I brushed on a clear glaze.

The finished product is very forgiving to flaws in the walls (trailer walls are a pressed board, of sorts; it’s not like working with dry-wall) and super cheap compared to store bought wall paper. The entire project cost less than $50; wallpaper would have been around $300.

The art work above the sofa is pieces of scrap wood my neighbour had set out on his lawn with a sign that read “free firewood.” When I told him I wanted to use the scraps as picture frames, he just scratched his head in wonder as I carted the wood away. I wiped off the dust and cobwebs that had accumulated when stored in his shed, but did not sand, trim, or alter the pieces in any way—preferring the aged patina. Next I laid them out and shuffled them around until I was happy with a pattern. I printed out some of my favourite shot of my favourite birds; seagulls and pigeons. With simple white glue I stuck the photos to the scrape wood frames and tah-dah! Total cost: $10 worth of ink and paper for my printer.

Now, my style and what I call a comfortable home may vary drastically from others. It has been suggested by many that I should invest in updating my kitchen cabinets. I don’t mind the 1980 fake wood finish or the dated door pulls. When or if I ever do, I’ll think of something or better yet—any ideas for me?

Update: Okay, so the ideas came in. It was agreed painting the kitchen cabinets would make a world of difference. So after much deliberation… I did it! I kinda wimped out and went with traditional finishing but, very happy with the final result :)

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I love the “wallpaper.” On the cabinets, perhaps some paint would be nice. The color they are currently seems to detract from the great wall treatment. From what you show, it seems a soft green might be fun. As for pulls, it might be fun to pick up odd ones here and there to make it a collection rather than a matched set.

    • Thanks Gilly, I agree if painted the colour should be in the soft green family. And I love the idea about the pulls not matching, keeps it fun and light… not going for the “Better Homes & Garden look here.

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