Day 6, 7, 8 – Wilson’s Journey

Finally! Warm and sunny!

A strong wind but with no fear of hydroplaning off the road into a grassy ditch, I’m in a great mood; as is Wilson.

Today we can take the time to be tourists; dinosaurs here we come!

Drumheller, Alberta
Home to the largest collection of dinosaur bones—anywhere in the world— were all uncovered in the area. I won’t go into any detail beyond that since I don’t really know and besides I just wanted to see for myself what I had heard about. Not only the dinosaur bones were cool to check out but also the drive into Drumheller, where the museum is, was somewhat surreal. Flat terrain passing golden field after golden field until the earth opened to reveal a canyon etched in the earth below.

Wilson’s a big chicken and afraid of the dinosaurs so no matter how much I urge him to come inside he waits in the car while I go check out the museum!

Drive out of the canyon and on to Edmonton and a couple of days of R&R!

Oh crap, a dump truck threw a big rock at our windshield! Gonna have to get that fixed while visiting family before heading into the mountains day after tomorrow.

Note: not fixable. Railway crossings and any bump in the road cause the cracks to spider further across, threatening my line of view; windshield replaced. Wilson stayed in the car while the work was being done. I told the technician, “his name is Wilson and he wants to watch you put in the new windshield.” Not sure why I got a funny look.

Had a great time staying with Alex and Hilda; well fed and relaxed. The morning Wilson and I were heading out again Uncle Alex, and my cousins, Michael and Erika prepared a scrumptious brunch. Aunt Mary joined us too. I gave her the cactus I brought from Ontario for her, she cried… happy tears.

Sorry Michael, I thought you were in the picture, but you’re not so we’ll just pretend Erika’s friend is you… okay?

Into the mountains we go!
Weather reports: sunny and clear all the way from: Edmonton through Calgary, on to Banff, past Lake Louise, into BC and the village of Field where Wilson and I will spend the night at a mountain lodge. I’m a little nervous, I admit. Even with the promising weather forecast; I’ve never driven into this kind of terrain before… and oh, oh… it snowed in Calgary and still snowing ahead!

Oh look its clearing!

Oh, oh… it’s snowing ahead again, goodbye clear skies!

That’s the last picture I took today until four hours later at the lodge. I was never so happy to see a place to stop for the night!

I even had trouble seeing the humour in trying to convince the “Park Ranger” at the gate to Banff National Park that Wilson shouldn’t have to pay the $10 park admission fee when we drove through that stretch.

Today’s most seen sign: way to busy driving to take any pictures of it though.

“October 1 thru April 1 snow tires on the vehicle and/or tire chains required through this area” or something like that.

Made it safely to Kelowna on Day 9… what a drive that was! Wilson will tell you all about it in a few days and I’ll share how cool it is to spend time with my sister Tamie and family–last time (only time) we met was more than 35 years ago–Hello Oprah Show!

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One thought on “Day 6, 7, 8 – Wilson’s Journey

  1. The scenery looks amazing. Looks like Wilson’s Timmy cup has been well used:):)
    Glad to hear the drive is going well for the most part.

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