Day 5 – Wilson’s Journey

The plan for day 5 is to scoot through Saskatchewan and stop in Medicine Hat Alberta for the night. I’m happy to report: that’s exactly what Wilson and I did. Of course, the weather sucked (I’m starting to sound like a broken record on that count), and I spent the first few hours of today’s drive seething about the crappiest “Bob’s Motel” in the country.

Exaggerating? I don’t think so! It wasn’t so much the taped toilet bowl, missing socket covers, years of dust accumulated everywhere a vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach (heaven forbid shifting a piece of furniture), the bathtub tap that was corroded to the point of the water not quite turning off, or even the sagging box-spring and mattress. My anger, those who know me know it takes A LOT for me to get angry, stems from being taken advantage of. In this part of the country a traveller’s options for accommodations are limited so I didn’t have much choice: stay there or sleep in my car, or keep driving and risk hitting a deer after dark! I did check the place on-line before I left Ontario—it looked perfectly acceptable. The other blood boiling issue was that the cost was within a few dollars of what “real” accommodations cost: clean, updated, safe (no fire hazards), no offensive odours, and perhaps breakfast included.

Weather reports promised a clearing trend towards Alberta. Yeah, the sun broke through the clouds, and although a tad windy the rest of the drive was enjoyable.

We saw the most amazing flocks of geese heading south, I guess. With the wind so strong they re-invented the “V” flight formations. Look closely at the pictures to see what I mean. They are flying in an “inverted V” formation.

Medicine Hat, Alberta – I’ve never been there before, and honestly wasn’t expecting much. As we drove in I kept watch for a “real” motel, fortunately many to choose from and a great radio-station (CJCY 102.1 FM) to tune the car-radio to. Once a location for a good night’s sleep was chosen, Wilson and I headed out again and went to meet with Pete and Wendy for dinner. What a great chance to visit with them and what a great little city. It had a cosy, homey kind of feel to it. Now I understand why they like it there!

They enjoyed meeting Wilson too!

I’ve been griping lately, even said I’d rather fly from now on. And I’m surprised that I’m not enjoying the experience more. But, regardless of the weather, the “Bob’s” motels, the tedium, my extremely numb butt, I am very glad I’m taking this adventure; experiencing driving across, my home country, Canada. I’m discovering so much more than any book or geography lesson could ever divulge.

Favourite sign: Distracted Driving Law in Effect

I don’t think I was supposed to take a picture of this while driving!

Meet Wilson
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Coming Soon: Day 6, 7 and 8 Medicine Hat to Edmonton and a couple of days of visiting and rest before heading to BC.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Wilson’s Journey

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  2. Wow Genevieve, sorry to hear about your bad weather conditions and Bob’s motel. So glad that you were rewarded with the loverly town of Medicine Hat, family and a nice place to stay. I am also glad that you have unwound a bit now and are glad that you decided to travel by car across this beautiful country of our Canada.
    Love ya Mommy xoxox

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