Day 4 – Wilson’s Journey

On the road again! It is time for me to admit that although I am glad to do this cross-country journey—especially with Wilson—I’m going to fly to long-distance destinations from now on. Oh dear that sounds so defeatist of me.

The thing is: the weather has been a challenge; Wilson is so busy smiling he isn’t much company when it comes to conversation, all he manages to say is, “Are we there yet?” and a truck loaded with live pigs just pulled into the parking lot of the “Bob’s” motel where I am staying at tonight. They are definitely not happy to be going on a roadtrip.

Entering Manitoba! Not yet raining!

But some leftover snow!

Here comes the rain...

... and more rain!

Welcome to Saskatchewan! Rain stopped! Super Windy!

In my true form though, regardless of any given situation I do tend to view the world through “Rose Coloured Glasses” so here is some of the upside:

• My 2001 Grand AM is running like a dream car—and I don’t owe any monthly payments on it.
• When I crossed the border into Manitoba from northern Ontario the price of gas dropped by .18 cents a litre.
• The trans-Canada highway system is very good. Well maintained and no serious construction delays.
• Technology is making it possible for me to stay in-touch with everyone and I can listen to music I like when going through sections with crappy radio reception (Iphone, laptop) and not get lost (GPS.)

And as for Wilson… he’s really happy today… while I was inside paying for gas he got to visit with some “distant kin” he hadn’t seen in a long time.

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3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Wilson’s Journey

  1. Genny, you really are too much! I love your humor and pray for a continued safe journey for you and Wilson. It appears by many of your pics that you are traveling down some very long, straight, boring stretches, although beautiful scenery. Keep the mind active so you don’t tire while driving.

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