Day 3 – Wilson’s Journey

Rolled into Nipigon right on schedule. I had pre-chosen a nice looking place to stay, but couldn’t call ahead to reserve a room because although the Bell “coverage” map looked the best (and apparently they own the lines) there was no signal from Wawa to Thunder Bay—I know, how misleading is that! And since I couldn’t call ahead there was no room at the Inn. Wilson and I wound up at another “Bob’s” motel.

Day 3 started like the first two: rain, rain, rain, and for the heck of it—freezing rain too! Fortunately, the skies started to clear after Thunder Bay and it actually got quite warm (for this time of year.) Rain or not, I stopped to see the Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay. Wilson, being his usual wimpy self stayed in the car.

I managed to snap a few pictures, which can’t do the actual scenes justice. On a warm sunny day, northern Ontario is quite beautiful to explore.

I thought I took a bunch more great shots, turns out: I was messing up so bad with the camera, here’s an example of the end result when I thought the camera was turned the other way. Took about 20 pictures like this!

Today’s signs:
“Gramma’s Supermarket & Hardware & Lumber” right next to “Vern’s Minnow’s”
and a couple I forgot from yesterday:
“Gargantuan Road”
“Bald Head River”

Made it to Kenora with time to spare, but admit, there was no way my butt was going to tolerate sitting up to write a story. Besides, finally, a nice room in a nice hotel–they’re even going to feed me breakfast in the morning–woohoo!

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Day 3 – Nipigon to Kenora

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