Day 2 – Wilson’s Journey

The freight train rolled pass “Bob’s Motel” so close the small room shuddered with the “click-clack-cloick-clack” of every passing car. Light filtered through the limp curtain hanging at the window–unknown by me, the light is coming from the outside security light, not the rising sun–must be time to get going. Why can’t I clear the sleep from my head? it’s morning right? Ya, it’s 3:45 AM!!! Sheesh, back to sleep for a while.

Now it is morning and time to go. Crap! Crap! Crap! Heavy rain and snow showers. Wilson wanted me to stop in Sault Ste Marie and wait it out. Believe me, I seriously considered it. I know, I’m a Canadian gal and should be used to these kind of conditions, but after living on a tropical island for the past five years RoatanVortex I’m NOT! Fortunately, the sky started to clear and became absolutely beautiful weather for most of the day.

Setting Sun

Wilson met a moose and goose.

He insisted on taking my picture and caught my serious driving-face look, then I smiled for him.

Wilson almost gets arrested!
I told him his smile is unbelievable, forced, fake looking. He really is that happy, but still… it didn’t work in his favour when we had to stop for the police (who were checking all vehicles and asking for assistance in locating a particular “guy”) at two separate spots en-route to Nipigon. Poor Wilson just sat there with that grin on his face. Both officers questioned him suspecting he was their man, but let us proceed when I assured them he wasn’t–even if he did have a guilty look on his face.

Today’s favourite signs:
“Baby Lake”
“Mom Lake”
“Dad Lake”
“Old Woman Bay”

Most seen sign:

I must admit when the weather was crappy and I was tired of squinting my way no view of landscape could be seen; I questioned: Why would anyone want to spend time here? And then the skies cleared–oh my goodness–now I know. Just have to come in the summer next time.

Meet Wilson
Day 1 – Wilson’s Journey

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Wilson’s Journey

  1. Way to go Wilson and Genevieve!! What a trouper that Wilson is, hope he’s doing his fair share of the driving. Pleased the weather got better. Can’t wait to meet that dashing young man beside you Genevieve!!! Take Care Wyn

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