Day 1 – Wilson’s Journey

Grandma's Boys say good-bye to Wilson

Day before Wilson’s cross-country trek preparations went pretty much as expected; last minute packing, good-bye hugs, confirming game plan (route, distance, weather). Set the alarm for 6 AM—he wants to get an early start and not risk having to drive after dark—then get into bed and toss and turn and toss some more until 4 AM!

Two issues (knew they’d arise): First, setting alarm clock not a good idea. Would have probably woken up without it screaming at 5:30 and even if didn’t, so what? Not like he or I are going to miss an important business meeting. And so what if our schedule and stops have to be modified—we’re on an adventure!

Second, No matter how excited about this trip when doing something that is completely out of the realm of “normal” it is next to impossible to quiet the mind so the body can rest. Wilson summed it up quite well: It’s like trying to fall asleep the night before Christmas morning and the same day booking a dentist appointment to get a cleaning, and perhaps, a root canal—Wilson is very keen on shiny white perfect teeth—Christmas morning is magical and the dentist appointment, well, necessary to maintain his great smile. Besides, he loves the Tim Horton’s Breakfast sandwich and couldn’t stop thinking about having one the next morning.

All things considered, day 1, on the road with Wilson was… successful. We didn’t get quite as far as we wanted to, fog; hid the best views of turning autumn foliage, heavy rain; negated enjoying what could be seen, and a really bad accident that closed the Trans-Canada highway ahead of us for an extended time and we had to detour around (pleasssse everyone when you are driving, pleasssse, SLOW DOWN!) On a rainy Sunday in mid-October; or any day for that matter, I can’t imagine what destination is so important to reach as to take the chance of having a Mac truck ride over your vehicle and completely skin the top off… think about it! Rant over.

Tired. Very tired. All settled in for the night at Bob’s Motel; that’s not what it’s really called—but it could be. Was going to push on to make it to Sault Ste Marie, but the lack of adequate sleep the night before, the mind numbing non-stop rain, and the big sign, on the side of the highway, that read “Please don’t feed the bears—they are wild and will bite.” prompted backtracking to Bob’s Motel.

Speaking of signs, here’s a few favourites from today:
“Seldom Seen Road” Saw it.
“Little Go Home Bay” Yes, I was looking for “Big Go Home Bay” after seeing that one.
“Moon River” Come on, you know you started singing the song—Wilson and I did too!

In case you missed it: Meet Wilson here.

10 thoughts on “Day 1 – Wilson’s Journey

  1. Nice commentary Genevieve! Sorry the weather was not good. Wilson
    Is obviously the right man for the job.
    Safe driving tomorrow, hopefully better weather ahead.
    Don’t feel bad , it’s been raining here in Mission all day.
    Take care!
    Graham & Wyn.

  2. Glad you made it and that you stopped when you did. I can only imagine the conversations Wilson will draft up along the way with his eyes riveted on every detail of this new journey you share. Keep us all posted and drive safe! Miss you guys already

  3. You go girl, to bad about the rain, should be better today. You are now getting into the real north, it will be beautiful, although I think most of your leaves will be gone. Just maybe there will be *****SNOW**** How pretty eh!!!! You do look a little tired in last picture, the one that Wilson took. lol
    So glad you stopped at Bob’s for the night. I hope Will had a good rest too.
    Blessings on your journey today.
    Love ya Mommy xoxoxoxxoxoxo

  4. The weather and trip will only get better….just trying your patience at the start…..the praries will seem like a breeze ….the the fantastic mountains…..lots of sunshine……heard from zila….possible opening end of the month if the plumbing get done….will keep you informed….take care..

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